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Tina Carrott
Level 1

Dashboard Income & Sales

On the dashboard screen the year to date sales figure is £9628 different to the YTD Income on the dashboard, what might be causing the difference?

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Dashboard Income & Sales

Hello there, Tina Carrott.


Your YTD and Sales income on the dashboard should be matched. In this case, let's double check and make sure to set the Sales and Profit and Loss to similar dates. 


In the Sales graph, you'll see figures by month or quarter, depending on the option you've selected. The total income shows above. In the Profit and Loss graph, select the same period you've generated on the Sales. You'll then see a similar figure to the YTD Income and Sales on the Dashboard. 

To visualize it, please take a look at this sample screenshot:


I'd also recommend using the Profit and Loss report when comparing the sales figures to your YTD. It helps you customise the specific period you desired. 


To learn more about modifying the Profit and Loss report and other reports in the program, you can use these articles for additional reference:



Just let me know if you still need help with this. Also, you can always utilize the Reply button below to post your other concerns about QuickBooks. I'll be around to respond to you as soon as I can. Take care always!