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Export of Entire Data from QBO

Unfortunately due to poor partnership of QBO with KeyPay my monthly bill has gone three fold.   I can easily cut this to less than half by going to MYOB or similar outfits. 


I don't want to change platform but I don't have much of a choice even though QBO tried to help but not with the Keypay cost.  I don't want to lose my historical data when I switch. 


Is there an option to take a download completely from the system?  Other suppliers offer this service for conversion but that is quite limited unless I spend a lot.  

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QuickBooks Team

Export of Entire Data from QBO

Thanks for posting here today, @fairfield-impex.


I have some information about exporting QBO data. There are several ways to get your data out of QuickBooks. Many reports and forms, lists, and reports have a download button. You can save copies of these onto your computer's hard drive.


If you need to export more data, you can simply download some of the most needed lists and reports to make this even easier.


Additionally, you can use a third-party application to export your data. Just go to the Apps tab and search "Export data".


If you need help with other QBO tasks, click this link here to go to our general topics with articles.


Please know that you're always welcome to swing by anytime if you have follow-up questions or concerns about exporting data. I'm always here to help. Take care and have a good one.



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Export of Entire Data from QBO


Utilize an exporter tool.


Another option, consider purchasing our data conversion service to MYOB.