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Has anyone had any success in adding BPay as a payment method in QuickBooks Online? If so, how did you add the BPay reference number (CRN)?

I am trying to add BPay to multiple clients who use QuickBooks Online.  In my view, this should be a really simple integration.  I have discovered, however, that it is not. The EZ Map Fields for customised invoices are far too limited in order to be able to do this in any simple way.  My preference would be to use invoice numbers and add the required check digit to the invoice number to make it a compliant Bpay customer reference number.  Is there a way to either integrate an excel spreadsheet with a lookup function that could cross reference the invoice number and add the appropriate check digit?  Or, is there a way to provide QuickBooks Online with a list of invoice numbers rather than the system generating sequential numbers? Or can QuickBooks Online incorporate the supplied BPay API to just generate the customer reference number? Or, if just simply assigning each customer a unique customer number (that can be used as the BPay reference number) are there any Scalar Fields that can be mapped that would be appropriate to enter this number into in QuickBooks Online?  Best I can see is the Customer's Tax Registration number, however this prefixes the number with "ABN" on the invoice.  Is it possible to not have this prefix appear? Has anyone had success with adding BPay as a payment option with QuickBooks Online? If so, how did you do it? A BPay solution needs to be urgently addressed in Australia.