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Matching payment to bill

I have entered a new bill which is split as some has GST some has not. When I match the transaction from the bank feed is the GST field marked as "out of scope" or something else

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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Matching payment to bill

Hi Asher13, 


Happy to help here today but may require some more information. With the bill you have created with QuickBooks have you marked the bill 'Out of Scope'? Or is the amount you received in your banking For Review tab inclusive of GST and you want to allocate this GST somewhere else?


For the second question, if you are looking to resolve the difference and match excluding the GST you can do so with the below steps:


You can use the 'Resolve' tool when you are matching your payments as this marks the invoice as paid while accounting for the fee:


  1. Go to the 'Banking' tab, select the relevant transaction and 'Find Match'.
  2. Locate and select the invoice in the list. In the 'Payment' field to the right, enter the full amount of the invoice. 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom. You will see a difference which should total your fee. 
  4. Select the 'Resolve' option. This will create a line to add a resolving transaction. Enter a category to assign this to (eg Bank charges and fees or so on - if you don't see one relevant to you, you can create your own from this dropdown by selecting '+ Add New'.
  5. Enter a date, a memo/class etc as desired, then enter the amount of the fee as a negative figure, then Save.


This will mark the invoice as fully paid and resolve the difference of the GST.





Level 1

Matching payment to bill

Sorry Steven, I have amended my question as for some reason only part of it uploaded

Ken - Product Champion
Content Creator

Matching payment to bill

Hello Asher13, 


If you have created a transaction within the system and use the Banking screen to 'match' to that existing transaction, the system will use the existing tax codes on that transaction.


In your example, you use a bill that is partially subject to GST. When you match to a transaction like this, it will adopt the tax codes you specified on each line, and apply funds accordingly.


Seeing as the bill has already been created, you can just match to it, and the system will calculate GST automatically.