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Template questions (and I apologise if I have posted numerous times - but the QB won't let me post.


1. Is it possible to set up duplicate templates with different logos (and exclude the address completely - it appears to be a required field)

2. Can we remove the bold type from both the item name and description of the item. This is taking place with both the QB templates, and our own forms were we do not have a bold typeface. is item number being in bold mandatory!

3. The QB Templates are not showing the subtotal amount in the body. Is there any reason why it is only shown on the BAS summary?

4. Can we re arrange the column layout eg have Qty and our first column, followed by item name, description, rate and amount

5. Can we duplicate the forms once set up. This will save a lot of time and effort and if so how is this done.

6. Can we customize the Purchase Orders, Credit notes and quote templates

7. Can we show the subtotal, discount, total GST etc on our forms whilst excluding the BAS. The template gives the impression we can however it is not available when printing our sales invoices.


Many thanks - I apologise for all the questions but thought it best to keep in one question especially as it has now taken me over 1.5 hours to post this due to QB errors.


Thank you for your efforts


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Hello, Jack1509.


I have checked and found a post that has been answered by my colleague very similar to yours. You may want to check it.


Please refer to this link:


For more questions about QuickBooks, please keep us posted. Thanks!