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Double entries for contractors when using Tsheets to track their time

I am using Tsheets to track the hours of subcontractors I use and these are being tracked in projets in QBO.


When I track the contractor and export their times to QBO this works fine, when the contractor invoices for their time and my bookkeeper enters this she has to allocate the invoice to a project, this causes a double up on the contractors expense in project.


What is the best way to now have these costs double up?

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Double entries for contractors when using Tsheets to track their time

Hey there, WAFabs.


To better isolate the issue, let's pull up and run the Time Activities by Employee Detail report to show all your contractor's total number of hours worked.


Here's how:


  1. Click Reports in the left panel.
  2. Find and open a Time Activities by Employee Detail report.
  3. From the report screen, click Customise.
  4. Select a time period under Time Activity Date. Adjust the dates or enter the date range in the fields.
  5. In the Filter section, select the supplier from the Employee drop-down. Or if you want all of them on one report, check multiple names
  6. Hit Run report.

Take note of the Amount column since you'll be using that data when paying your contractors. For your reference, check out this article: How to pay a subcontractor from time sheet entries. It contains more details on how to pay and manage your contractors using timesheets in QuickBooks Online.


Additionally, I recommend visiting this link: Account Management. These will provide links about managing your QBO account, income, expenses, inventory, and running reports.


Keep me posted by leaving a comment below if you need additional assistance. I'll be here to help. Have a good one.