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Simple Job Sheet app

Hi all,


I do computer and related repairs. I've been using QB online for a while, and recently switched to Square for C/C payments. But I can't find a simple app to record the details of the work that I do - I'm still using handwritten job sheets. I've looked for what apps are available  - and hopefully integrate with QB - but they all seem to be CRM systems, which is going to add a level of complexity to my business I don't need.


Can anybody recommend a solution? Frankly, simplicity is probably more important than QB integration.



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QuickBooks Team

Simple Job Sheet app

Hi edwinh-earthcare,


Thanks for sharing, although I cannot recommend any specific application I will comment on this.


Since you did mentioned that you've recently switched to Square for C/C payments, have you checked out the Square app within QuickBooks?


It might be worth looking into to find what you're looking for. You can go to the Apps tab, then type in Square and you will see it come up with more information. 


If anyone else within the community that has experimented or used anything like this could give your perspective as it would be massively appreciated!



Level 2

Simple Job Sheet app

Hi Kristian

I have synced up Square with Quickbooks, but the answer isn't there, sadly.

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