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Update Invoice Template feature gone

Previous to today, when I Saved and then Saved and Closed an Invoice Template that I was using, I would get a prompt to see if I wanted to save the details of this Invoice just the once or to update the template with the data i had just entered.

This feature has disappeared.

Anyone know why?


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QuickBooks Team

Update Invoice Template feature gone

Hi philb1,


I would love to help you and answer this question.


I just need some more context on the situation because I don't think I am understanding this correctly.


Are you talking about creating new invoice templates, or filling in newly created invoices?


Could you give me some more information around what actions you are undertaking in QuickBooks please?





Level 1

Update Invoice Template feature gone

Hi Kristian,

Happy to provide context.

It is not about creating a new invoice template or filling in a newly created invoice.

It is about using an invoice template that i have been using for over a year now and the behaviour of the template has now changed.

Previously after using the template to create a new invoice I would be prompted (after choosing Save and then Save and Close) to Update the recurring template (see attached screenshot).

This no longer happens and the recurring template is not updated.

Let me know if you need more information