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Voiding Invoice does not clear outstanding Balance?

My business created an sent an invoice for a job that was canceled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


I went back to the invoice and voided it. The invoice total reverted to zero. But the account still shows an outstanding balance in the amount of the invoice prior to being voided. The customer does not owe me anything. How do I ensure that the entirety of this job is removed from my books? 



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Rebecca_A Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Voiding Invoice does not clear outstanding Balance?

Hi michaelfaulkner, 


If that invoice was the only open amount the customer owed voiding it should revert their account bank to $0. When I replicate this in my test file it removes the open balance. 


If you've reviewed this and there are no other outstanding amounts please try basic browser troubleshooting to refresh the data. 


If you still see an open balance please contact the Support Team for further assistance.