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Why I cannot downgrade my QuickBooks plan?

Why I cannot downgrade my QuickBooks plan?

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Why I cannot downgrade my QuickBooks plan?

If you are getting an error downgrading your QuickBooks plan then check the following interrupters or stoppers preventing customers from downgrading.

Hard interrupters (complete stopper)

  • Annual Billing (for QBO only) – Customers can downgrade if they change to a monthly subscription within 30 days of their next billing date. Then, they need to wait for 24 hours before they can downgrade. This allows our system to update and reflect the subscription change.
  • No valid billing information – If the account has invalid billing information, the subscription is considered canceled which can’t be downgraded.  Customers need to update their billing information first, otherwise, they’ll receive “Something’s not quite right. It’s probably us” when they try to downgrade.
  • Multi-currency – QuickBooks Online Simple Start doesn’t have a multi-currency feature. If you have this feature turned on in your current plan, you can't switch to Simple Start.
  • Listing down PO boxes and incomplete addresses as the main address - Customers can't downgrade if they put in a PO box as the main address or if their main address is incomplete.

Soft stopper (workaround available)

  • Recurring transactions/templates
  • User count
  • Inventory – Consider retaining the QuickBooks Online Plus subscription if the customer has a lot of inventory items. Note: For bulk actions, see how to set up Inventory tracking
  • Third-party apps

For more details, see how to downgrade your QuickBooks plan.