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Delete pending leave request

Hello! I have a pending leave request sitting in the "For approval" section of payroll. The employee requested more leave than they actually used. I applied the amount they took using the dialogue box that opens up when you click "Apply" in pay run. 


The leave request is still sitting in the leave requested area - I can't edit, approve, delete or modify it! a pop up box states: "Leave Request in Progress. 7.6/10.78 hours of this leave request have been applied to a pay run. It cannot be modified". So it keeps turning up very fortnight...


How do I remove it?



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Kass_B - Product Champion
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Delete pending leave request

Hi Lenorel,


You can only edit or delete a leave request if it has not been applied or part applied to any pay runs. As it has been approved and partially applied, there is still a balance waiting to be applied on a future pay run. You will need to unlock the pay run in which it was applied, remove the leave, then edit the initial request to the correct hours and re-apply it. Once you have done so it will no longer show up on future pay runs:


Firstly, edit the pay run:


  1. Select the Employees tab, then Pay Runs.
  2. Locate the pay run in which the request as applied. Click to open it and use the Pay Run Actions button to Unlock the pay run.
  3. Click on the employee's name to expand the details. Hover your mouse over the Leave Taken line and use the small red x to the far right to delete the line, then select Save.
  4. Exit the pay run (you should not need to finalise it). 


Now you can edit the original leave request and re-apply it:


  1. Select the Employees tab, then choose Manage Employees and Manage Requests.
  2. Filter to Approved Requests and the appropriate date range/employee name etc.
  3. Select the green pencil to edit the request. In the Leave Required field, change the hours to what the employee actually took, then Submit Request.
  4. Change the Leave Status filter to Pending and approve the request. 
  5. Navigate back to the pay run. Go to the Leave Requests section and apply the leave, then Finalise the pay run once more. 


Now you have corrected the original leave request, it won't show up on future pay runs as an option to apply (you can test this by creating a dummy test pay run if you choose). Feel free to reply if you have further questions as I'm here to help!



Level 2

Delete pending leave request

Hi Kass - thanks for the advice. The only additional step I had to take was to "Undo" the leave (from the Leave tab in the pay run). I didn't do this at first (just deleted the leave as you suggested) and although this allowed me to edit the amount in the "Leave required" field in the "Manage Requests" tab, I could not approve or delete - Error message "Leave request status cannot be changed. It has already been manually applied". I went back in to the pay run and clicked "Undo" against leave request, and then went back in to approve it. All fixed now.

Thanks again,