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I am struggling to get the payroll job keeper updates to the ATO

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QuickBooks Team

I am struggling to get the payroll job keeper updates to the ATO

Hi Kath5, 


Sorry to hear you are encountering errors with submitting Job Keeper info to the ATO. If it helps I have linked below two separate articles from our payroll website to help create a checklist for submitting this info to the ATO.


  1. Processing JobKeeper payments in the pay run : This article explains how to use our Job Keeper Payment functionality in the pay run. Furthermore goes into the details of when and how to apply the Job Keeper tiers to the pay run's to ensure the employee's are correctly notified to the ATO. 
  2. Managing the JobKeeper Payment: For FAQ's and an understanding on how Job Keeper payments are recognised in your your business monthly declaration, and how you should be approaching each deadline. This article is useful in breaking down how your processing of JobKeeper payments and updates. 


If you find you are setting up your pay run and have checked these guides, it would best to reach out to our support team by clicking here to check the details of the pay runs you have set up.