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Monthly Jobkeeper

I need help with Monthly Jobkeeper recoding in Payroll. My business has casuals we pay fortnightly and permanents we pay monthly. Is has been very simple to setup and pay jobkeeper to the casuals fortnightly, but monthly is not well explained.


I want to pay two stood down employees the $3,000 today from the 2 weeks of May in areas and the 2 weeks in Advance. My question is what what is the Jobkeeper start FN number I need to input. When I paid them last month I did FN01... what do I now input into todays payrun?   FN01, FN 02 FN 03?

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Kass_B - Product Champion
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Monthly Jobkeeper

Hi Jos8,


The JobKeeper FN start categories work the same for a fortnightly schedule as a monthly schedule. The JobKeeper start number is determined based on the 13 fortnightly period outlined by the ATO, and your start date is based off the first time you paid your employees. For example, if you first paid your employees on the 3rd of April your JobKeeper period would be JobKeeper-Start-FN01 regardless of whether you are paying your employees Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. Keep in mind that you only need to notify the ATO of the start fortnight once for each eligible employee. The FN Start category advises the ATO of when you commence payments, and it's the name on the pay category that's informing the ATO, not the dates on or length of the pay period it's reported in. If after reporting FN01, you were to then put FN02 into the next payrun, you would be advising the ATO that you have commenced payments in both the previous fortnight and the current. 


Once you have reported the FN Start category, you only need to use the JobKeeper Top-Up categories to record the payments until you are advising the ATO these are finished. This article on managing JobKeeper payments may be helpful for you, near the bottom of the page there is a section for 'I pay my employees weekly or monthly' for your reference.