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Payroll Finalisation / Payment Summaries - Single Touch Payroll

We have only introduced STP for the final two payruns of the 18/19 financial year. Last Friday I was going through the checklist to send our Payment Summaries as I had done my final payrun for the FY, and everything was fine, however I did not click send as I wanted 30 June to pass.


However, today, i went to go and send them out the payment summaries out, and it has now come up with an error saying "as you are using STP, you will need to lodge via the STP finalisation process". Why is this happening now, and not last Friday? Given we have only lodged 2 payruns, I was going to email Payment Summaries this year, and then do the STP next. I have not warned employees of this change, so how can I not provide them with Payment Summaries without warning? How will they know of the change?


Also, can I complete todays pay run, or will that affect the amounts in the payment summaries / do I need to lodge the STP finalisation before doing another payrun?


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QuickBooks Team

Payroll Finalisation / Payment Summaries - Single Touch Payroll

Hi fl3tty,


Thanks for reaching out. Once you have published any pay runs through STP, you will have to complete the STP finalisation event in lieu of payment summaries. Also, you can continue with the new financial year's pay runs before lodging the STP finalisation for the last financial year. Ensure that you have marked the last pay runs of 18/19 as "Is Final". 


More information about this can be found under Section 3-5 in this article by KeyPay: