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Finance Officer
Level 1

Payslips sent as PDF

Is there an option to send payslips as a PDF in the payroll automatically each payrun?

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Payslips sent as PDF

Hi Finance Officer,


Thanks for posting in the Community! After you finalise a pay run, you do have the option to send the pay slip to your employee's immediately or publish it later on. Let me share with you the steps on how you can send pay slips automatically after you finalise a pay run.


  1. Go to Employees or Payroll tab.
  2. On Payroll Settings, select Pay Schedules.
  3. Select a pay schedule.
  4. Click here on Pay run finalisation settings.
  5. On Publish pay slips, tick Make pay slips available to employees immediately.
  6. Select Next, and then Complete.
  7. Select Save.


For more information, you can also check this article: Sending and printing pay slips.


Feel free to reach back to us if you need further assistance in sending pay slips. We'll be more than happy to help. Have a great day!


Finance Officer
Level 1

Payslips sent as PDF

Does this send as a PDF

Level 8

Payslips sent as PDF

Hi there,


Yes, the system will generate you a PDF file for the payslips. Simply open the employee file and go to Pay Slips section and you’ll see a section for downloading or email pay slips. Simply enter the date range, click Download or Email this Pay Slip and the system will generate you a single PDF with all the payslips for that employee for the given date range.


Drop by again if you have concerns about your QuickBooks Online Payroll account. I'll be right here to answer them for you.