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Get help with QuickBooks Time Touch sign-in

There are two ways to use QuickBooks Time on a mobile device. The easiest way is to How to Get and Navigate the QuickBooks Time Mobile Apps.

But, if you are using QuickBooks Time on a smartphone that does not run on Android or iOS, you are probably using QuickBooks Time Touch, which requires that you open a browser (for example, Google Chrome) to reach your company's QuickBooks Time account and sign in.

In that case, if you are repeatedly directed back to the sign-in screen, try the following:

  • If a "Sign-in unauthorised" message displays, you may not have been granted the "Mobile time entry" permission. To grant the permission, ask your administrator to go to My Team  > select your name > Permissions tab, and make sure Mobile time entry is checked.
  • If an "Invalid username/email or password" message displays, try carefully re-entering your sign-in information. If that still does not work, ask your administrator if the username/email exactly matches the one they set up in team member Details (My Team).
  • If no error message displays, it may be that your internet browser is not set up to accept cookies. If you need instructions to adjust that setting, from your browser, enter a search for that information (for example, type: "how to accept cookies in chrome.")

If you have tried the above and are still not able to sign in, just contact QuickBooks Time Support.

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