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How to manage timesheets as an employee using the WorkZone app

If your employer has given you access to the WorkZone app on iOS or Android, here’s how you can view, create or delete timesheets there.

 How to Install WorkZone

  1. Download WorkZone for your Android or iOS device.
  2. Log in to WorkZone with your Employee Self Service Portal username and password.

Learn how to access and manage the Employee Self Service Portal

How to view timesheets

  1. Select the Timesheets icon at the bottom of the home screen
  2. Select the view of timesheets to be weekly or fortnightly using the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the date range you would like to view by selecting the left or right arrows in the date box.


Timesheets are displayed with the following information:

  • Date
  • Start/End time
  • Status (approved, rejected, submitted or processed)
  • Shift duration (hours & minutes) 
  • Location (employee default if none selected)
  • Work Type (if selected)  

 How to create a timesheet

  1. Navigate to the Timesheets icon and select the + icon.
  2. Enter the Work Type, Location, Shift conditions and classification (if applicable), Date, Start/End time or Hours, Breaks and Notes.
  3. Select Submit.
  4. The timesheet will them be sent to the approving manager.  


  • The following fields may be optional unless your employer has marked them as required: Work Type, Location, Shift Conditions, Classification, Breaks, Notes.
  • If you want to pre-fill additional days with the same timesheet info, select Apply this timesheet to and select the required days. Select 'Done' when finished.
  • You can add additional timesheet lines to the same day if you select the + icon again and select the date. This will allow you to add another timesheet on a day that already has a timesheet. 

How to delete a timesheet

  1. Navigate to the Timesheets icon.
  2. Select the timesheet you wish to delete.
  3. Select Delete this timesheet.


  • Timesheets that have the status of Approved, Submitted or Rejected are able to be deleted.
  • Processed timesheets cannot be deleted as they have already been included in a pay run.

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