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How to find the BAS Amendment (GST Exception) Report

The BAS Amendment Report lists all transactions in an already lodged time period,  but have been edited after the BAS has been lodged.

For example, if you have lodged BAS for the April-June period, but in August you noticed a taxable invoice from 30 April was missing and so you added it into QuickBooks, the BAS Amendment Report will list this invoice because it is an amendment to the April-June BAS. This also means the July-September BAS amount due will also incorporate this April invoice in the final figure.

If you find that your latest BAS figure doesn't look right, the first step would be to check this report for any transactions that would affect the final BAS figure.

To Find the BAS Amendment Report:

  1. Select GST on the left hand menu
  2. Select Run Reports in the top right corner
  3. Select GST Amendments

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