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Unlodging a BAS as an Accountant User

Do you need to reverse or unlodge a BAS in QuickBooks to ensure it reflects what was lodged with the ATO?

Accountant Users now have the ability to do this.

Note: You are only able to unlodge the most recently recorded period, In the event, you wish to unlodge an earlier period you will first need to lodge the most recent period first.

  1. Select GST from the left-hand menu
  2. Select the To do Tab (or the History tab if you've already recorded a refund/payment against the most recently lodged BAS).
  3. Select the dropdown arrow and choose Unlodge this BAS 
  4. Select Unlodge

Note: If Unlodge this BAS is greyed out it means you are trying to unlodge an earlier period, be sure to unlodge the most recent BAS first (e.g. you would need to lodge your FY19 Q3 BAS before you can unlodge the FY19 Q2 BAS).

Note: Be sure to delete any recorded BAS payments or refunds and note any amendments before unlodging BAS as this information can change.

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