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Third party apps can no longer import with exchange rates?

QBO has made a terrible change this year and I had to notice it by accident.

Sometime in February they cut off multi currency exchange rate access from third party apps. So anyone using a third party app to auto import Paupal/Stripe and other transactions will now have them imported with a 1:1 exchange rate.

That has made these time saving apps totally useless.

I noticed this by accident 4 months after they implemented it.

Are we seriously supposed to edit exchange imported transaction now with the correct exchange rate? That process would be slower than just adding transactions manually from scratch where the exchange rate is already added.

How have people worked around this?
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Third party apps can no longer import with exchange rates?

Hello, @ke88kee.


I appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback about importing exchange rates from third-party apps. Let me help share additional information on why this is no longer supported.


Apps are no longer importing foreign currency transaction with currency exchange rate applied because it will cause some problems inside the system. The only workaround we have at this moment is to manually edit the exchange rate.


I understand this is a tedious process. Letting us know what works best for you will show our developers what they need to consider in future product updates.


That said, I'm here to help pass this along in my end. Also, you can visit our QuickBooks Online Blog to get the latest news and updates about QBO and what our Product Team is working on.


Keep me posted if you have other questions about multi-currency. I'm here to help.