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Transaction Pro Importer - a Great 3rd Party App

I have seen a lot of questions in the forums over the years where people have asked if there's any way to import transactions into Quickbooks from an Excel spreadsheet.  If using only Quickbooks alone to navigate a transaction import from a .xls or .xlsx file, this is not possible. 


However, Transaction Pro Importer is a great 3rd party app that makes all the necessary .IIF conversions from your Excel spreadsheet in the background, allowing you to import any kind of transaction into Quickbooks.


Supports the Following Transaction Types:

  • Bank Statements, Bills, Bill Payments, Checks, Credit Card Charges, Credit Card Credits, Credit Card Statements, Credit Memos, Deposits, Estimates (Quotes), Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Transfers, Invoices, Item Receipts, Journal Entries, Purchase Orders, Receive Payments, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Statement Charges, Time Tracking, Vendor Credits

Supports the Following List Types:

  • Accounts, Customers, Employees, Items, Item Assemblies, Item Fixed Assets, Item Groups, Other Names, Price Levels, Vendors

Before I imported live data into my working copy of Quickbooks, I made a copy of my current QB file, re-named it as a TEST file, and did many imports and tests to see exactly how my Excel sheet had to be set up to get the results I wanted in Quickbooks after the import.  I only had to make a few tweaks in my Excel file, which had come from another system, in order to make it work, and mostly required re-naming headings so they could be mapped to corresponding fields in QB.  As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, this 3rd party software works brilliantly with Quickbooks and has saved me thousands of hours of manual data entry.


On top of that, it offers a very fair trial period so you can make sure that it meets your needs before you buy, and is reasonably priced as well.  Check out the details below:!overview


QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Pro Importer - a Great 3rd Party App

Thanks for sharing, Rochelley! It's great to hear that third-party apps are helping make using QuickBooks Destkop even easier for you. I know there are plenty to choose from, so I'm glad you were able to find on that's right for your needs. I love the amount of detail you've given and am sure it'll be helpful to other users. Smiley Happy Enjoy your day.

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Re: Transaction Pro Importer - a Great 3rd Party App

Couldn't agree more what a great help this app has been to me when using QB Pro 2012. However, since upgrading to 2019, I cannot get it to work using the command line parameters. If I open Tipro6 directly from a desktop shortcut - no problem connecting to QB. But when using my script with the same command line, it does not see that QB is open. And it is not just this integrated app but others that I have tried also. Does anyone have a clue why this happening and how I might fix it? Robin
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Re: Transaction Pro Importer - a Great 3rd Party App

Yes, TP is one of application we recoomend for data import or data migration for our clients. If anyone wants to purchase the license of TP for Desktop during this month, follow this link and PM me to get a promo code for $100 off.