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How to subscribe to Quickbooks Canada version from Singapore?

Hi So my business folded last year cos Covid.  But creditors are chasing me so i am trying to get all the relevant info from my backed up version of Quickbooks desktop which although i am in Singapore, my previous accountant subscribed to the Canadian version.  So i installed the Trial version and successfully got my Quickbooks back up version installed and running.  BUT i didnt pay attention to the expiry of trial for a month and it just expired.  So i hit the subscribe button to buy it properly but it insists that i update the Company info, particularly the location which has a drop down menu showing ONLY Canadian locations.  Anyone have a suggestion as to how i can proceed?  Would really appreciate it as I have a meeting with lawyers tomorrow and trying to get info out of the QB when it expired.  Time difference between Quickbooks Canada means earliest i can try and call/website message them is in 4 hours - a lot of time during which i could have got work done.  But hey its on me.  Help..pls?  Thanks.

Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

How to subscribe to Quickbooks Canada version from Singapore?

Hi there MyrKhaw,


This is definitely a unique situation to be in, but rest assured that I want to get you the support you need on this. Ultimately this may require reaching out to our team of support experts over the phone so that they can assist you better, but I'll take a shot.


The location that you select within your settings is primarily for tax and payroll purposes. For example, if you select the province of Ontario, your tax settings will default to their specific sales tax codes. In your case, this probably doesn't matter so much, so from my perspective, you can really choose any location. Your backup file and any preferences or settings it contains will override the location you choose during set-up. 


If this doesn't quite seem like the option for you, you'll want to reach out to our team of support experts over the phone. Choose the correct options from our Contact Us page in order to get in touch with the right team. They'll be able to advise you on whether or not they can override this location selection, as well as give you more information on the impact this location selection has. I know this isn't the ideal solution because of the time difference, but our phone experts have expanded tools and can collect sensitive account details, so this is the best course of action in this unique scenario.


Take care and don't hesitate to reach out here if you have further questions.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

How to subscribe to Quickbooks Canada version from Singapore?


You can purchase a one time (outright) license of QB Desktop 2021 CA version

Pro 1 user = CAD 450
Pro 3 users = CAD 1350
Premier 2 users = CAD 650
Premier 4 users = CAD 2400


If you are located in Singapore, you may contact us in private if you need our help to provide the license.