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My client wants to change his subscription to one of my whole sale subscriptions. How can we transfer the current file to mine?

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My client wants to change his subscription to one of my whole sale subscriptions. How can we transfer the current file to mine?

Hi norikoohsada,


It's nice to hear from you again! The wholesale billing program is a great way to manage your clients' billing at a reduced rate. Incorporating this into your business model provides you with more control over your own profitability, while simultaneously unlocking additional value to the services you provide as an accountant. Adding an existing subscription to your own billing is a quick and simple process. I'll be happy to guide you through this. 


Something to bear in mind is that this will add your client's current subscription to your billing with the standard discount. The easiest way to use a subscription already attached to your firm is to manually transfer the important data. Once you have access as an accountant user, attaching the existing company file is just a few easy steps:

  1. In QuickBooks Online Accountant, select the Gear menu in the upper right of the screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, under Your Company, select Intuit Account.
  3. From the Intuit Account page, select the Move clients to wholesale button. (If you have not entered billing information yet, this button will be greyed out.)
  4. Within the Move clients to wholesale billing screen, place a check-mark (✔) next to each client you wish to move. Note: This screen will display all clients not currently in Wholesale Billing; those who are eligible for migration to the Wholesale Billing subscription will not have an entry under Reasons unable to move.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Review to ensure selected clients are correct and choose Move Clients.
  7. You will see a screen that advises if all clients were correctly migrated and a list of clients whose migration failed.

To learn more about this process, check out this handy article: Add a client to Wholesale Billing


If you're still looking to add page numbers to your invoices from your previous post, I'm happy to report that the Airy new template includes these by default. You can select it from the Design tab when customizing forms.


Hope this helps! I'm here for you if you have any other questions.

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