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Payroll is suppose to be part of my online subscription but it has been discontinued, why?

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QuickBooks Team

Payroll is suppose to be part of my online subscription but it has been discontinued, why?

Hi there Greg,


It sounds like you were using QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll to pay your employees and keep track of your payroll taxes. While this awesome payroll solution was accessed through QuickBooks, it was actually powered by Wagepoint. As of November 27, Wagepoint has stepped out from behind the scenes. Your Payroll subscription through QuickBooks Online will now be accessed directly through Wagepoint. Let me expand on that.


Intuit has decided to dedicate product development efforts to QuickBooks Online Payroll, formerly QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll. Because of this, you'll no longer access QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll through QuickBooks Online, but through Wagepoint. 


All of your data has been stored and maintained by Wagepoint, and you should've received email communication regarding the move, with links to articles directing you on how to navigate and access Wagepoint. We put out a fantastic article that details all of this and even includes a FAQ section. Check it out below: 



If you have additional questions about using Wagepoint, you can reach their support team here.


Once you're used to it, I'm confident you'll love accessing payroll through Wagepoint just as much as you did through QBO. Have a great evening!