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Email receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online

Learn how to email your expense receipts and bills to get them into QuickBooks Online. Once you do, you’ll see them in the Receipts tab.

If you have a receipt, you can email it to QuickBooks. We’ll extract info from it and create a transaction for you to review. Then you can edit the receipt, add it to an account, or match it to an existing transaction in the Receipts tab. You’ll also have the receipt on file for tax time.

Step 1: Customize an email address to forward to

Create a custom email address so you can forward images of your receipts and bills, even when you're on the go. To create the custom email address:

Note: You must be an admin to create a custom email address.

  1. Go to the Banking menu or Transactions menu.
  2. Select the Receipts tab.
  3. Select Customize email.
  4. Create a customized email address. It will have at the end.
  5. When you're ready, select Customize email and then Confirm.
    Note: Once you claim an email address, you can't change it.
  6. On the last screen, select the users who are allowed to forward emails to your new email address.

  • You can only register one email address for your company. Here’s how to change the email address associated with your QuickBooks user account.
  • In the Receipts tab, you can always select Manage Senders to manage which users can email receipts and bills.
  • For users to send receipts and bills, they need to be at least a standard user with suppliers permissions.
  • If you have a Gmail address with a + sign in it, you may not be able to register your email address.

Step 2: Forward images of receipts and bills to QuickBooks

First, capture images of your receipts and bills:

  1. Take a picture of your bill or receipt on your mobile device. The photo must be a pdf, jpeg, jpg, gif, or png.
  2. Make sure each image or file contains only one receipt.
  3. Email the image to your custom email address It may take a few minutes to send.

We'll take care of the rest. QuickBooks automatically pulls dates, amounts, supplier, and last four digits of the credit card from the image.

Note: You can send multiple receipt images in one email. The email size needs to be under 20 MB.

Step 3: Review and categorize your bills and receipts

Now your bills and receipts are in QuickBooks. Follow these steps to review and categorize them into the correct accounts.

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