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Bank account isn't balance due to post dated checks

We have rented a sign on the highway for advertising. The owner of the sign as asked for 12 post dated checks for the monthly rental of the sign. Since these will not clear the bank until the 1st of each month its throwing my quickbooks/bank balance off. Is there anyway to balance these items?

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Level 6

Bank account isn't balance due to post dated checks

I do not know what the process is QB Online is, but assuming it is functional at all, the post-dated checks should not have anything to do with the reconciliation.


When you reconcile a bank account, the only items that matter are those that have cleared, after all.


As far as your apparent account balance being off, well, that's just how it is. As far as your company is concerned, that money is no longer theirs regardless of whether they have been formally cashed or not.

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