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How do I delete a bank deposit

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How do I delete a bank deposit

Hi lrichard3,


Keeping an accurate record of your bank transactions is vital in making reconciliations easy, and helps produce consistent sales tax returns. QuickBooks Online is built to help you balance your books, and ensures your data will always be within reach. A huge part of this is making it simple to delete or edit transactions as needed. I'll be happy to help you with this.


It's just a few simple steps to find and delete your bank deposit:

  1. Click the + New button then select Bank deposit.
  2. Select the clock icon in the top left to view a list of recent deposits.
  3. Click on the deposit you wish to delete.
  4. Click on More at to bottom of the page, and then select Delete.
  5. Click Yes.

With this, your bank deposit will be erased. You'll still have access to details in your Audit Log if you ever need them.


Let me know how his goes!