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I can't update banking information since yesterday.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: I can't update banking information since yesterday.

Hi there, 


Syncing your online banking with QuickBooks Online helps you keep track of your transactions and keeps you organized. I can appreciate how handy this feature is, and I'd be glad to shed some light on this.


Try clearing your cache and cookies in your web browser. These stored Internet files can really bog you down, and can cause bugs in QuickBooks Online. The steps vary depending on which browser you're using, so take a look at this article for a complete list of steps:


Once you've done this, try triggering a manual update of the bank feed. Here's how: 

   1. From the left menu, select Banking.

   2. On the Banking page, select Update.

   3. If prompted, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials and select Continue update.

      *You must enter these credentials within 2 minutes of being prompted


You're notified when the update is complete, and, if successful, the date of last update and total number of transactions shown on the account card change.

For more information regarding bank feed update issues, take a look at this article:


If you have any other questions, I'd encourage you to reach out to our phone support team at 855-253-1536 from Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm EST. These agents can do a screen-share with you to get to the bottom of what's happening. 

Have a great day!