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Foreign currency Acutal vs Budget

Is there a way in QB Desktop premier to show foreign currency column?  The home currency is CAD and the foreign currency is USD.  I would like to run an Actual vs Budget showing foreign currency and exchange rate.  Can an additional column be added to show what the USD book is at with exchange?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Foreign currency Acutal vs Budget

Hello again, CCbookkeeper,


I believe you're the same user I was replying to you recently about your budgeting reports. Great to see that you're still hard at work with it and pulling up the report to see how it's going. While you can filter to show specific information in the report, the columns on it are fixed and there isn't a way to add extra columns to the Actual vs. Budget report. I recommend again pulling up this budget report alongside a currency report so that you can see the information you're looking for next to each other. You can also learn more about multicurrency here: Set up and use Multicurrency


If you need it again, here's the article about reports in QuickBooks Desktop: Understand reports. There are also a number of linked articles about reports there for you to see even more information about them. I encourage you to check it out.


If you'd like a hand going through the options, feel free to give our phone support team a call anytime that's convenient for you. Premier support is available 24 hours a day and agents are happy to help. Simply dial 1-877-772-9158. Our Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies covers what you can expect when you call.


See you next time!