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Configure ProFile on several networked computers

ProFile can store your option settings (program preferences) in one of two locations, either in the default settings folder, or in an option package in a folder that you specify. When you store the options to the settings folder, those settings apply only to the workstation where you have configured the options. However, if you create a ProFile options package, you can easily share settings across a network for all users. To do this you first need to create an options package on one of the computers.

To create an options package go to the Options menu, and choose Options Administration.

The "Options Administration" dialog box will appear.

  1. Choose one of the four options at the top of the window to determine how ProFile will store and load your configuration settings.
  • Select 1 to store all your options configuration locally (this is the default).
  • Select 2 to store your configuration in an options package and load that package each time you start ProFile.
  • Select 3 to store configurations in different options packages and choose which package to use each time you start ProFile. This choice is ideal if several users share a machine and each wants to customize ProFile individually.
  • Select 4 to store your configuration in options packages in more than one location. This is convenient when a computer is no longer able to access the network, or to store a second set of options locally that nobody else on the network can use. ProFile will try to load each option package listed in order, and will try the next if unsuccessful.
  1. Selecting or deselecting "Include preparer and discounter name with Option packages" controls whether to have ProFile handle the identification options separately on each computer. You can save these as user-specific settings or in an options package available for sharing. Under Options > Environment the identification options are: preparer name, email, preparer initials, partner initials, discounter or trustee information. In the EFILE options EDI transmitter fields are also included. Select this feature when you want to use the same identification at all workstations in the company.
  2. Select Prompt to save changes if you want ProFile to remind you, when you exit the program, to save configuration changes into the options package you were using during the session.
  3. Select Allow Multiple Option Package Groups to enable alternate locations to store your options packages. This will enable the fourth option at the top.
  4. Click [Browse] to search your hard drive or the network for the Settings folder where you will store your Option packages. When ProFile creates your new options package, it creates a new folder inside the folder you select here.
  5. If you do not want to use the default Settings folder you will need to create a new folder . For example, you may want to create a shared settings folder on a network server. Highlight the folder that will store your options package(s) and click [Ok].
  6. Click [New] and type the name of an options package. ProFile will create a folder by this name inside your option packages directory.
  7. Highlight your new options package and click [Save]. ProFile stores all the current ProFile configuration from the WindowsTM registry of the workstation into the selected options package.
  8. If you have multiple option packages with different configuration in each, highlight a package and click [Load] to use the settings in that package.
  9. To share the settings from an options package with other computers on the network, you will need to use Options Administration on each computer to load the options package from the shared folder. You'll only need to do this once. Just open Options > Options Administration from each workstation, browse to your Options Package folder, highlight the name of the Options Package and click [Load].
    To modify an existing options package first [Load] that package. Make your configuration changes, and then return to Options administration and [Save] the option package. ProFile will prompt you to save your latest changes when you exit the program. If you don't, ProFile reloads the older options package the next time you start the program.

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