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Blank transmission screen when EFILE a T2 return


The EFILE window for a T2 return is blank; it does not display a confirmation message or error number:

User-added image


The web link established to transmit the T2 return may have accidently been changed from the default settings.

1. Select "Options..." in the "EFILE" drop-down menu from the top toolbar.

The "Electronic Filing Options" window displays:

User-added image

2. Select "General" in the left-side menu bar.

3. Select "T2".

4.  Click the "Default" option in the "EFILE Web Service" section:

User-added image

5. Click the "OK" button.

6. Attempt the EFILE of the T2 return again; the issue should be resolved.

Additional Resolutions

If the above solution did not resolve the issue, try the following:

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Creating an exception in Windows firewall for ProFile

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