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Do I use my account number and WAC or my clients when filing slips?

Preparers have two options when filing slips: use your account number and Web Access Code (WAC) or use the client’s account number and WAC.

It is not possible to mix account numbers and WAC. For example, you cannot use your account number and the client’s WAC.

What if I need a WAC?

If you have forgotten your WAC or need a new WAC, visit the CRA page to obtain or retrieve a WAC.

Where do I enter an account number and WAC?

When transmitting a slip, a window automatically displays for the account number and WAC entry.

Enter the account number and WAC in their respective fields.

How do I set the account number and WAC as defaults?

1. Open ProFile.

2. Select "Options" from the "EFILE" drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

The "Electronic Filing Options" window displays.

3. Select the "Transmitter" option under the "T3/FX" menu on the left-side of the window.

3. Enter the account number in the “Account Number” field.

4. Enter the WAC in the “Web Access Code” field.

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5. Press “OK”.

Where to I enter a Transmitter Number?

Please review our "Enter a transmitter number in ProFile (FX)” article for information on entering a transmitter number.

If you require a new transmitter number, visit the CRA page for more information.

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