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EFILE error # 80014 occurring on a business statement


Customers are encountering an EFILE error associated specifically with the postal code on a business statement.

The error reads:

EFILE # 80014: The postal code entered on the selected financial data (SFD) record is not located in the same province or territory in which your client resided on December 31. However, there is no indication that the income is subject to tax in more than one jurisdiction. Please review the postal code entered on the SFD or indicate the income is subject to tax in more than one jurisdiction.


If the "province of residence" is the same as employment:

  • if it is a carry-forward return, refresh the province by selecting a different province and then re-selecting the correct province; this is a refreshing issue.
  • ensure there are no extra financial statements; select "F4" -> "Used" and check the "List" view to confirm there are no additional statements. If it is a coupled return, check the spousal return.

If the province of residence is not the same as employment:

  • ensure that the T2203 is filled out correctly

If using T2042 - Statement of Farming Activities:

  • ensure that the particular province has been selected from the drop-down menu; currently anything may be entered in the province field:

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Verify all address information is correct:

  • verify all address information on the "Info" page is correct, including taxpayer address, province of residence, and province of self-employment
  • verify the address in T2125 is correct, if applicable

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