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Error warning "EFILE#1003" generated in ProFile's auditor message window


ProFile users may encounter the error warning "EFILE#1003" in the auditor message window.

ProFile generates the error warning to indicate that the return contains inaccurate or missing data, and prevents the preparer from efiling the return without making the necessary corrections.


Reviewing Error Warnings

Click the "Warnings" tab of the auditor message window; a list of the warnings that are preventing the return from being efiled displays, illustrated in red text.

Actions for Error Warnings

The nature of the error determines the method of resolution; the preparer may need to:

  • provide missing information. This may include missing financial or personal information such as an amount, a phone number, or an address.
  • correct existing information. This may include an amount that exceeds a set maximum or an amount that is usually present but absent in a return for a legitimate reason.
  • approve existing information. This may include an amount that appears unusually high or low, but can still be submitted if the preparer approves it.

Resolve each outstanding error warning and save the return.

Resolving Error Warnings

1. Double-click each warning listed under the "Warnings" tab; ProFile identifies each issue on the return.

2. Determine the nature of the error and proceed to provide missing information, correct existing information, or approve current information.

Providing Missing Information

ProFile identifies any missing information by circling the data field in red.

Enter the missing information as required. The error disappears from the warnings list.

Correcting Existing Information

ProFile identifies any existing information that may be incorrect by circling the data field in red.

Correct the existing information if it is incorrect. The error disappears from the warnings list.

If the existing information is correct despite the warning, see section "Approving Existing Information via Sign-off".

Approving Existing Information via Sign-off

If the preparer is certain that information in a field flagged as an error is correct, a preparer sign-off eliminates the error warning:

1. Click one of the red checkmarks on ProFile's top toolbar.

2. The cursor now displays with a checkmark attached, indicating the "sign-off" function is active.

Click on the field to be signed-off as correct; a red checkmark displays next to the field indicating the error has been approved by the preparer.

Resolving EFILE#1003 Error

When all error messages have been resolved, the EFILE#1003 warning disappears from the warning list.

Managing Error Warning Settings

ProFile users can manage error warning settings to prevent filing returns that have unresolved errors.

1. Select the "Environment" option under the "Options" top toolbar in ProFile.

2. Select the "Audit" tab in the "Environment Options" window.

3. Review the settings in the "Prevent Filing" section; these controls determine what error warnings prevent a filing and trigger the EFILE error #001003.

4. Check the box or boxes that correspond to the warnings, marks, or errors that should prevent an efiling and will require an approval or correction to resolve.

5. Click "OK" to save the settings.

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