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Extra T2091/EFILE error # 40179


An EFILE error (# 40179 or extra T2091) displays:

User-added image

Cause of Error

This error results from having the residence entered twice in both spouse returns:

User-added image


Please note the following:

  • if only one property was disposed of, only one spouse should fill out the S3PrincipalResidenceDetail form
  • both spouses should answer “Yes” to the query “Did you dispose of a property…”, on the “Info” form

1. Open the “S3PrincipalResidenceDetail” form.

2. Right-click in a field and select the “Delete column” option from the menu:

User-added image

3. Select the “Close Form” option from the “Form” drop-down menu in the top toolbar:

User-added image

4. Return to the “S3PrincipalResidenceDetail” form and assign the appropriate choice (1, 2, or 3) in Box 179:

User-added image

The information automatically populates from the spouse’s “S3PrincipalResidenceDetail” form:

User-added image

5. Open the T2091 form.

6. Enter a value on lines 1 and/or 2, as applicable for both spouses:

User-added image

The error clears.

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