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How to Internet file T4s

T4 Internet filing is a fast and convenient method to file T4 slips. The system supports T4 filing for companies with up to 449 employee slips.

Note: the process for T4 Internet filing is not automatic. It requires completion on the CRA website.

Requirements to File

  • a magnetic media transmitter number. If you don't have a transmitter number, visit the CRA page on filing information returns electronically for more information.
  • a Web Access Code (WAC) for each employer for whom you file slips. The WAC is printed above the Business Number (BN) on the personalized T4 Summary that the business receives by mail. For assistance, consult the CRA assistance page about completing slips and summaries.

How to Internet File T4 Slips

1. Open the return containing T4 slips ready to file.

2. Select the Properties option from the File drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

3. Set the T4 Status to Ready to File.

4. Select the option Transmit Federal Slips or T5013 return from the EFILE drop-down menu in the top toolbar.

The transmit option window displays.

5. Select the option T4.

6. Select the applicable data type (for example, "Original") from the Data Type drop-down menu.

7. Click the OK button. A green check mark indicates the XML is built successfully for filing to CRA.

8. Click the OK button. A web browser connecting to  CRA opens.

If the XML build is successful:

ProFile saves the XML file for this return in one of two locations depending on your settings:

  • if EFILE -> Options -> T3/FX -> XML directory is complete, it will be saved there
  • if the XML directory is left blank., it will save in the default directory for your FX files. You can find this in Options -> Environment -> File, then the correct FX tax year

ProFile will launch an external web browser where you can continue the process on the CRA website.

If the XML build is NOT successful:

An error message indicates what requires correction.

5. Enter the WAC for the business and browse to your FX directory to attach the XML file you have built.

6. Complete each step in the web transmission process, via the CRA website.


Print the confirmation number on the final CRA submission page before closing the browser; ProFile does not save a record of the submission.

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