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T1013 submission may result in an error

Note: for tax year 2019 and going forward preparers need to use the form Authorize a Representative or Cancel a Representative for EFILE. Click here to review the current method of EFILE or click here to learn about the change.



When submitting a T1 T1013 form and getting an error, one of the following may have prevented the T1013 from being electronically filing:

List of common T1013 submission errors

  • if receiving the following message: "Failed: The software used to prepare this file was not certified." it means that form has not yet been certified by CRA; watch for future release.
  •  if the "EFILE the T1013 for this tax payer?" option is not available, check to see which year is being available to be EFILED. If a 2014 T1/TP1 T1013 was needed then the client could use a 2013 file for the same tax payer, whereupon the option to EFILE the T1013 would be then available
  •  the Tax Payer's name, SIN, and all other personal information has to conform with the information CRA has on file for the Tax Payer - clients can contact the CRA EFILE Helpdesk for questions or verification purposes
  •  confirm that one of the options under Section A in Part 2 is selected. Defaults can be set for this under Options -> Module.
  •  when receiving a message from CRA that T1013 has already been filed for the client, open the return, click on the File menu, select Properties and under Actions confirm that the the T1013 is listed and that it has been accepted or have the customer contact CRA
  •  Error in Form ID: 1 Failed. : The form must be received by the CRA within six months of its signature date
  •  when trying to EFILE T1013, the transmission dialogue window shows "Failed" and there is no arrow or plus sign that usually shows in the left side of the fail message.. Review the file path under EFILE -> Options -> T1 -> Common.

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