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Delete direct deposit check

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Delete direct deposit check



Welcome to the QuickBooks community. I'll gladly assist you with this. QuickBooks Online offers two feature-rich payroll services, Standard Payroll and Advanced Payroll, which help you manage your employees’ wages in a few easy steps.


To cancel a direct deposit paycheque, specific conditions must be met:

  • If we haven't yet processed the pay cheque, you can delete it and keep the money in your account (even if you've already approved the pay cheque).
  • Intuit cannot stop the direct deposit transaction process after 5 pm PT, two banking days before the pay cheque date.  For example, if you've scheduled an employee's pay cheque for direct deposit on Friday, you can delete it until 5 pm PT Wednesday. If you wait until 5:15 pm PT Wednesday, it's too late: the money has been transferred.
  • We can't remove money from a current employee's bank account. Work directly with your employee to retrieve the money, then contact us so we can delete the pay cheque for you.

To know more about the direct deposit processing timeline, check this community article.


To delete a pay cheque, follow these steps:

  1.     From the left menu, select Employees.
  2.     Under the Run payroll button, select Pay cheque list.
  3.     Select the cheque to delete and click Delete.
  4.     When prompted to confirm the action, select Yes or No.

For more details on how to delete a pay cheque, take a look at this article.


Let me know if you have any other questions.