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How do I inactivate an employee?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I inactivate an employee?

Hello a-vanachte,

Thank you for choosing QuickBooks as your partner in success. With QuickBooks Online, you can easily manage your employees and have a clear view of their status. Depending on the Payroll service you're using, follow these steps to inactivate an employee:

If you're using QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll:

1. Select Employees from the left menu
2. Select the employee name
3. Select the Edit Employee button
4. Go to the Employment tab
5. From the Status drop-down menu, select the appropriate option
6. Choose a Reason for status change
7. Enter the Termination date
8. Select Done

If you're using QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll powered by Wagepoint:

1. From the left menu, select Employees
2. Locate the employee you need to terminate, then select Terminate [Employee name] from the drop-down in the Actions column. The Terminate window will pop up, reminding you to run a final payroll for this employee prior to termination.
3. Enter the termination date
4. Select the Reason for termination. This will show up on the employee's Record of Employment (ROE).
5. You can also check any of three options provided:
           • Eligible for rehire: Use if you may rehire this employee
           • Request ROE: In most cases you need to provide and ROE for terminated employees. (For more information on ROE's, check out ROE Authorization)
           • Disable access: Disables their access to view pay cheques
6. Select Process termination

Check this link to know more about the QuickBooks Online Payroll services:

Let me know if you have any other questions.