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QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll hub

This article contains links to commonly used resources on all things Advanced Payroll.

General info and frequently asked questions

Topic link Topic Description
Standard & Advanced Payroll features A comparison chart for QBOP vs QBOAP
What is QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll? General overview and FAQ

Set up

Topic link Topic Description
Getting started Setting up for the first time
Pay & tax settings How to use options available under pay & tax settings
How to edit company information after initial setup Review of the Company Settings. This section allows you to turn on/off direct deposit, tax remittances, and Workers
Bank Account Info about adding a bank account for direct deposit
Add multiple jobs or rates for employees Steps to add multiple jobs/rates to an employee's profile
Custom Income & Deductions Request and process customer income and deductions
Create a Record of Employment (ROE) ROE web authentication
Employee & contractor income Set up employee level income, deductions and contributions
Chart of Accounts How to map the Chart of Accounts before running payroll
Manage Users & Employee Portal Navigate the employee portal and Manage Users sections
Add company holidays Steps for adding and editing company holidays
Add an employee or contractor Add an employee or contractor

Run payroll

Topic link Topic Description
Run payroll Run payroll after setup is complete
Payroll approvals and finalization Timeframes for finalization and report availability
Off cycle payroll Run an off-cycle payroll
Year end A guide to year-end support
Workers' compensation Workers' compensation settings
Reports, Pay stubs & invoices Viewing reports
How to disconnect Advanced Payroll Cancel/disconnect Advanced Payroll

Check our website for more information on Advanced Payroll.

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