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Rejected direct deposit

We had an employee whose direct deposited was rejected.  It was reversed however we need to print them a paper cheque now and need to know how to do it


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QuickBooks Team

Re: Rejected direct deposit

Hi there, 


QuickBooks Online makes it easy to print your own cheques to pay your expenses, suppliers, and employees.


To get started, go through the print cheques setup. This walks you through getting your printer and cheques to line up. Once the setup’s done, your settings are saved for future use.

Note: We only guarantee compatibility with cheques specifically designed for QuickBooks Online. If you need compatible cheques, visit Intuit Market.   


How to print cheques in QuickBooks Online

  1.     Go to the Create ⨁ icon and select Print Cheques.
  2.     Load your cheques into the printer.
  3.     Select the bank account containing the cheques you wrote that need to be printed.
  4.     In the Starting cheque no. field, enter the cheque number of the first cheque in the printer. The cheque number is found to the right of the account number at the bottom of the cheque.
  5.     Select Preview and print. If everything is correct, select Print.
  6.     If your cheques printed OK, select Done.

For more information on how to print cheques, check out this helpful article using this link: How to print cheques. In case you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to help.