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Accrued vacation

I do not want to accrue vacation for salaried employees in QuickBooks Online but it doesn't appear to give me that option. How do I stop accrued vacation posting in QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks Team

Accrued vacation

Hey there dlcook47,


Thanks for reaching out to us here. QuickBooks Payroll is a great tool to have. It helps keep track of the hours your employees worked. I would be happy to provide some information on accrued vacation.


Follow these steps to remove accrued vacation for salaried employees:


1- Head to the Payroll tab and select Employees

2- Select the employee in question

3- In the Vacation policy section, click Edit

4- Under Vacation policy, use the drop down arrow to select Don't track vacation in QuickBooks


I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out here.

Level 1

Accrued vacation

Thanks for that but the option to select "Don't track vacation" does not show up. Is there something wrong with my payroll program?


QuickBooks Team

Accrued vacation

Hi there. I'd like to make sure you get the support you need with this and I recommend contacting our specialists so they can assist you further. You can reach out to our support team by dialing 1-833-317-2226. One of our specialists will be happy to assist you by sharing your screen and help you navigate the program. To find out more about our hours and other contact methods, please follow this link here: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop software support policies. Feel free to ask other questions

Level 7

Accrued vacation

Hi dlcook

I guess the question is; why wouldn't you?

This is a liability on your books, money owed to your employees and should be represented on your financial statements.  

Can you clarify - are you attempting to change it so that vacation pays out each pay period?



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