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Doese vacation abailale hours showing somewhere on balancesheet?

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QuickBooks Team

Doese vacation abailale hours showing somewhere on balancesheet?

Hello cathy48,


Congrats on your first post in the Community. Being able to see your vacation hours on your Balance Sheet helps you gather the information you need more effectively. I'll be happy to answer questions and make sure you're on the right path.


QuickBooks makes it fun and intuitive to manage your books. The ability to vtiew your vacaion balance on your balance sheet isn't a feature that's available but the good news is you can take advantage of other reports. I recommend running the Vacation and Sick Leave report as this is a detailed report of employees' time off accrual and usage info, which includes the hours used and current balance of their time off policies.


Here's how to run the report:

  1. Go to Reports and find the name of the report.
  2. Enter the report name on the search field.
  3. Search results appear when you enter a report name. Select the report you want to view.
  4. Filter your report by employee, date range, and work location, and then select Run report.

I know how useful it is to be able to view your vacation balance on your balance sheet and I recommend sending this as feedback to our engineers. You can easily do this by clicking the Gear icon and looking for Feedback. Let me know if you have other questions by leaving a comment below. I'm here to steer you in the right direction.