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Fix print alignment for preprinted cheques

Learn how to fix the print alignment for preprinted cheques in QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced.

With QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced, you can use voucher-style preprinted check stock, with the check in the upper third and a stub in the bottom two thirds. You can order check stock from Intuit preprinted with your bank and company information.

Note: This is only for QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced. You can also fix the alignment of preprinted cheques if use Intuit Online Payroll or QuickBooks Full Service Payroll. For other payroll services, you can contact us.

Step 1: Set up printing preference

  1. Go to Settings ⚙, then select Payroll Settings.
  2. In the Preferences section, select Pay cheque Printing.
  3. Select Preprinted QuickBooks-compatible voucher check stock.
  4. Select Print 1 stub or Print 2 stubs, then OK.

Step 2: Set up cheque alignment

  1. Select Open Alignment Window, then print the sample cheque.
  2. Follow the instructions, then close the window.
  3. Select Align Cheques, then print the PDF file.
  4. Follow the instructions, then enter the letter and number that fits best.
  5. Select Update Settings, then OK.

Tip on how to align the print

Let’s say the letter K and number 5 are your current settings in the Printer setup preference. You print a sample cheque but the information is too:

  • Low - Enter a letter that’s before the letter K (A to J) to move the information up.
  • High - Enter a letter that’s after the letter K (L to X) to move the information down.
  • Far-right - Enter a number that’s less than 5 (0 to 4) to move the information to the left.
  • Far-left - Enter a number that’s more than 5 (6 to 9) to move the information to the right.

Align checks in QuickBooks printer setup

Step 3: Print a sample pay cheque

  1. Go to Workers, then select Employees.
  2. On the My Payroll section, select Pay cheque List.
  3. Select a pay cheque, then select Print.

If you still need to make adjustments, then continue to repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until you’re satisfied.

Do you need help with setting up other printing alignment? Here’s how you can set it up for cheques and sales forms.

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