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Historical pay lump sum numbers do not calculate ROE's correctly

Can I manually add each paystub into QBO from January 1/20 instead of putting in a lump sum historical number for that employee? The lump sum number does not give accurate ROE numbers.

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QuickBooks Team

Historical pay lump sum numbers do not calculate ROE's correctly

Hi CallieRose, 


Running payroll with QuickBooks Online is an awesome way to save time and effort with your business bookkeeping. It's important that you have the option to enter historical payroll information in order to produce accurate forms such as T4s and ROEs. I'd be happy to explain the options when it comes to entering historical data. 


Once you start running payroll in QuickBooks Online, you can only update the employee's year-to-date totals. You're not able to enter back-dated pay stubs individually. In order to update the employee's YTD information, you'd have to touch base with our tech support team.


If you're noticing that something has gone wrong with your ROE after updating the year-to-date information for your employees, I'd encourage you to reach back out to our tech support team so an agent can take a closer look at what may be causing the issues.


I hope this helps set you off in the right direction.


Have a great day.