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How come I cannot add SIN to employees?

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QuickBooks Team

How come I cannot add SIN to employees?



Entering your employee information into QuickBooks Online is necessary in order to set up their TD1 form. The SIN number is an important piece of information that's required in order to produce T4s and other essential forms. I'd be happy to explain where to enter the SIN, and some steps you can take if you're running into issues. 

Your employees SIN number will be added to the TD1 form in the Employee Setup section. 


Here's where to find it: 


1. Click Employees

2. Select your employee from the list. 

3. Click the small pencil icon next to Pay

4. Next to "Question 2 - What are the employees tax withholdings?", click the small pencil icon.

5. Enter the SIN number on the TD1 form. 

6. Fill out all other necessary information, then click Done


That's where to enter the SIN for your employee. If you're running into an issue when trying to enter the SIN, it may be browser-related. Try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. Stored Internet files can build up over time and cause bugs in the program. Here's how to clear them: Clear cache and cookies to fix issues when using QuickBooks Online

If you're still experiencing an issue, try using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome. This is a private window that runs independently from the rest of your browser. Here's more information about what that is and how to use it: Browse in private


If the issue persists, it's important to reach out to our tech support team so that an agent can do some more in-depth troubleshooting with you. 


Have a wonderful weekend.