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How do I create a pay stub?

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QuickBooks Team

How do I create a pay stub?

Hi michaelthehay, 


Creating pay stubs has never been easier with QuickBooks Online. I'd be glad to show you how to do this. 


Before you get to the pay stub, you'll need to run payroll first and here are the steps: 

  1.     Select Run Payroll.
  2.     Select the Pay group you want to run payroll for, and select Next. (If you only have one pay group, it will already be selected as the default option.)
  3.     You will notice that you enter information for Hourly employees & Contractors first.
  4.     (Running Payroll for the first time? If so follow this step, if not skip to the next.) Select your First day of pay period, Last day of pay period & Pay date, then select Process.
  5.     Enter the applicable Hours under the respective Income types. (Tip: You can add or remove available Income type columns from the Gear icon above Edit columns.)
  6.     Select Next.
  7.     Repeat steps 1-6 to pay your Salary Employees. (Tip: If you do not wish to pay an employee on a pay group, you can change the Pay? toggle button to Off.)
  8.     Before submitting, review each employee details to make sure the information is accurate and all your employees are accounted for. To see details on a particular pay cheque, select the View Details button.
  9.     Check the box confirming that you have properly reviewed all information, and that your payroll is approved and ready for processing.
  10.     Select Approve.

After you've ran the payroll, you can now print a paystub by following the steps in this helpful article: Print pay stubs. Let me know if you have questions. I'll be one message away. :)