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How do you post the corporate taxes in quickbooks?

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QuickBooks Team

How do you post the corporate taxes in quickbooks?

Hi litschel,


Filing your corporate taxes is an integral part of running a business. I can help point you in the right direction for this.


Being able to use add-ons for your account is a great way to add more capabilities of your QuickBooks Online account. In order to file your T2 for corporate taxes you have a few options. If you have a QuickBooks Online accountant account you can get the Pro Tax add on which allows you to set up and file T2's you can find out more about Pro Tax here. This is meant more for accountants that do multiple companies T2 forms. Another option would be to get the Profile tax software which also allows for corporate taxes to be filed. You can look into the pricing and features of profile here.


Hope this helps!