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I had taken someone off payroll not realizing he had another timesheet to add.

Am i able to fix it once the roe is already completed?
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I had taken someone off payroll not realizing he had another timesheet to add.

You'll have to file an amended ROE.  Re-activate your employee by taking out the termination date you had previously entered so you can pay his last timesheet. Once he's paid, create another ROE for him with your adjusted termination date.


Login to your electronic ROE account and find the ROE you've already submitted.  Click on the AMEND button.  Make your changes so that they match the one you've printed from QBO.  Submit.  Print you new ROE - note that it will have a different Serial Number.  I staple the old one and new one together so that the original and amendment stay together.


Good luck!

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I had taken someone off payroll not realizing he had another timesheet to add.

Hey info906,


Submitting accurate Records of Employment is crucial to ensure your employees receive their benefits in a timely manner. QuickBooks Online offers a couple payroll modules designed to make this easy. Everyone makes mistakes, and we're committed to give you the power to take full control of your books. I'll be happy to help sort this out.


QuickBooks Online Standard Payroll has assisted ROEs. As these forms are for your review, the easiest way to correct the information is to manually include it when filing. If you need to include this employee on a new pay run, you can make them active in just a few simple steps:

  1. Head to your Employees tab and select Inactive or All employees.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to Employment.
  3. Update their status, then click Done.

If you're using Advanced Payroll Powered by Wagepoint, there's some powerful automation that goes on in the background. I strongly recommend getting in touch with our payroll expert team to determine the best way to approach this. 


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