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Is workforce available in Canada yet?

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QuickBooks Team

Is workforce available in Canada yet?

Hello rinette,


It's great to see that you're working with QuickBooks Online and its payroll add-on service. This option is ideal for managing both your regular sales and expenses as well as your payroll expenses and taxes all in one place.


I'm delighted to share that Workforce is available in Canada and has been a feature available with QuickBooks Online Payroll (formerly Standard Payroll) since early last year. The Workforce portal gives your employees the opportunity to see forms like pay stubs and T4s, keeping things super simple for getting them the paperwork they need. It's an easy setup, and once complete, the employee will receive an email each time you run payroll for them or when important forms become available. You can learn more about it here: View your paycheques and T4s in QuickBooks Workforce


If you're having trouble with Workforce, there's a handy chat you can use to help you and your employees setup and gain access to it. Click the article above and then the link to the chat is at the bottom of the page. Just click the chat link to begin your connection with the Workforce team and get back on track with this option.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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